Luminary Quest

We're not kidding when we say our goal is to be the best SEO training center in the Philippines for Filipinos - we plan to deliver that promise every single time. Luminary Quest is SEO Training Philippines' update for 2023.

Enrollment for the Ultimate Course Is Now Closed

Stay tuned for the next batch!

What is luminary quest?

Another year and another update from the SEO Training Philippines team is on the horizon.

2021 had the Horizon Focus update while 2022 had the Project Prodigy update. This time won’t be any different, because we’re releasing a banger!

Allow us to take you on a journey - a quest if you will.

Welcome to 2023’s update, Luminary Quest.

The numbers don't lie

Customers served! 2800 + Square One Students
Customers served! 2800 + Zero To SEO Hero Course Students
Customers served! 2800 hrs Of Total Video Watch Time

Every year, we say that we aspire to be the most comprehensive SEO training course for Filipinos.

Three years later, that goal still has not changed.

You can count on us when we say we're not gonna rest on our laurels. 

In fact, we've been working nonstop these past few months to continue making our courses the most comprehensive and affordable SEO training courses for Filipinos. 

We're releasing the third massive update on our courses, featuring cool, new, and exciting features - and we collectively call this Luminary Quest. You can check out our last two updates here: Horizon Focus (2021) and Project Prodigy (2022)

As cheesy as it may sound, we chose "Luminary Quest" as the name for your new version of the Apprenticeship Program for aspiring SEO Specialists. This is because... 

...we want this update to be a transformative journey that empowers aspiring SEO Specialists to become industry leaders and experts in their field. It conveys the idea that participants will embark on a quest to unlock their full potential and shine brightly in the SEO industry.

Whether you're enrolled in our paid or free courses, you'll find these updates beneficial to your journey to becoming an SEO.

Course Updates


Career Shift Guides

We’ve published a few career-shift guides for those interested in transitioning to SEO. Check out the list, we just might be able to help!


Ultimate Course Bundle: Luminary Quest Edition

For a limited time only we're adding these awesome, AWESOME features to the Ultimate Course Bundle. If you're interested, hurry because we're only accepting 50 slots.

Major Updates To The Apprenticeship Program

Optimizing our courses and programs is a never-ending process for us, and that’s what is currently happening with our Apprenticeship Program.

  • Old: Students can join the Apprenticeship Program anytime
  • New: The Apprenticeship Program will now accept enrollees in batches
The revamped Apprenticeship Program will start in batch two! Remember, there are only 50 slots available per batch.
  • Old: Students must write and optimize an article in order to pass.
  • New: Students must optimize an article in order to pass.

We noticed that most of our apprentices stop working at the content writing portion of the program. While it’s unfortunate, it does make some sense - writing is not for everyone. For some, it can be downright intimidating!

As an SEO, I find content writing - or at least knowing the intricacies of content writing - an essential part of the job, hence I highly encouraged my students to do the same. However, in reality, SEO Specialists are not always required to create content, so we’re making some changes in our program as well.

In the new version of the Apprenticeship Program, starting from the 2nd batch, students will no longer be required to write an article. They are, however, required to optimize an article in SurferSEO.

When a student reaches the content optimization part, an article will be waiting for them to be optimized.

  • Old: There is no limit to the number of students enrolled in the program
  • New: Only 50 students are allowed to enroll per batch (for now)

We want to give more attention to each student, so we’re limiting enrollment to 50 students per batch. We’re opening an early bird enrollment from July 24 to August 6 with a 5% discount. If you want to join, just click the button below:

  • Old: Complete the Apprenticeship Program at your own pace.
  • New: Complete the Apprenticeship Program within 14 days of joining.

This should help light a fire in our students' butts to finish the whole thing (and get their certificates) in 2 weeks! Additionally, a short turnaround time will allow our students to sustain motivation to work through the program.

Live Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorm and discuss SEO concepts and even job hunting tips with our ace Apprenticeship Program gradate, ROCO. Each Ultimate Course Bundle student has the opportunity to join multiple scheduled brainstorming sessions. 

This is potentially a limited event and absolutely something you don't want to miss!

SEOSavings: Auto-Approved Installments Option

Declined by your credit card? Can't register with Billease? Want to enroll but don't have the budget to pay upfront? We have the solution - now you can pay in 3 easy payments at 0% interest.

Terms and conditions apply.

New SEO Audit Reporting Template

SEO Audit Masterlist holders rejoice! We've now included a reporting template that you can use to wow your clients.

It's accessible via Canva and located in the "Resources" section of the SAM video.

Learn more about SAM here.

Premium Portfolio Website (for 50 students only)

50 students will be very happy because we'll build them a premium portfolio website, pretty much like what ROCO is enjoying right now.

  • Enjoy a 1-year subscription of Thrive Suite ($599/year value)
  • High-converting homepage
  • Basic logo to tie everything together.

Minor Course Updates

Square One

Our free SEO Starter Course, underwent a total transformation! We’ve spiced things up with revamped video content and top-better voiceovers.

Updated Videos

We noticed that there’s an uptick of confused support requests about hosting and general website building. It turns out that for some reason, our videos reverted back to their 2022 versions.

Book Your 1-on-1 Consultations

Once you finish the course, you can now seamlessly book a 1-on-1 coaching call with us. We've fixed the Calendly link at the end of the course!

Cosmetic & Website Changes

We fixed the aesthetics and layouts of our Knowledgebase, SAM, Blueprint E-Book, and Affiliate pages, improving user experience and aligning the designs and layouts to our current brand.

Success Stories


What's the schedule of classes?

Here's a list of dates to remember:

  • July 24 - August 6: Early Bird Enrollment Period
  • August 7 to August 11: Regular Enrollment Period
  • August 12 - September 8: Start of Self-Paced Complete Course Classes 
  • September 11 - September 28: Apprenticeship Program

I'm already a Basic/Complete Course student. If I upgrade, will I be able to join the Luminary Quest edition of the Ultimate Course Bundle?

Yes, you can still join the program!

How many hours are the lessons?

Here's an estimate of the course length:

  • Complete Course - around 9 hours
  • Apprenticeship Program - this depends on how quick you can finish your tasks, but you should be able to comfortable finish this in around 2 weeks or 14 days.
  • SBB and SAM - These are complimentary courses, so they're pretty short. About 2 hours in total.

What payment options are available for the SEOSavings installment feature?

You can pay through the following payment channels:

  • Debit or credit card
  • Bank transfers
  • GCash
  • Maya
  • GrabPay

Do you have a class syllabus or course outline?

Yes. Please check out the course outline here for a detailed list of the lessons as well as a comparison table between courses.

How will I know if this course is suitable for me?

Our lessons are made with absolute beginners in mind, so the lessons are structured to be extremely detailed and step-by-step. If you're coming from a different industry, we have these Career-Shift Guides for you!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, however, due to the nature of digital products, certain conditions have to be met.  For a detailed explanation about our refund policy, please read our guide here.

Praise and Testimonials