Fast-Track Your SEO Career

Fast-track your SEO career and go straight past the competition with our free guides on how to be an SEO Specialist.

fast track your seo career


Square One: The Free SEO Starter Course

The SEO industry is not for the faint of heart, but very rewarding for those brave enough to dive into it.  

This 3-part short course will only give you an introduction to what SEO is, and hopefully, will help you decide if becoming an SEO Specialist is for you. You need to register (it's free!) to view the course.

square one the free seo starter course

intro to Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization? What are search engines? Let's define these concepts once and for all.

What is an "SEO Specialist"?

What are SEO Specialists and how do they help businesses succeed online?

How to Become an SEO Specialist

Learn about the 6 Steps you need to do to become a legitimate and competent SEO Specialist

Discover your SEO Specialization

Discover your SEO specialization with the help of a short (and fun!) quiz.

STEP 2: Learn The Steps To Becoming An SEO Specialist

the SEO Specialist Blueprint

Wouldn't it be great if there was a quick and easy way to become an SEO Specialist?

Thankfully there’s a breakthrough way to help you get noticed by potential clients. One that allows you to build enough confidence to ace that interview: The SEO Specialist Blueprint.

The SEO Specialist Blueprint is a 55-page e-book that will show the 8 crucial steps to becoming an SEO Specialist (and many more!). It also includes a free printable worksheet!

SEO Specialist Blueprint - Book Cover

Roles & Responsibilities of an SEO Specialist

Learn the roles and responsibilities of an SEO Specialist...and how to satisfy all of those.

How to create an eye-catching resume.

Learn how to create a resume that will make potential clients shortlist you.

Job interview and netting the job.

Learn the most-asked questions. Ace the interview and nail the job.

Bonus tips from your instructors.

Plus bonus tips on how to be a successful SEO Specialist, from our instructors.

STEP 3: (optional) take an seo course and deepen your knowledge

The Complete SEO Training Course

Now that you know how to become an SEO Specialist, it's time to learn SEO. You can't call yourself an SEO Specialist without actually learning SEO, right?

We are offering two courses at the moment: The BASIC Course and the COMPLETE Course. These are paid courses, so reach out to us first if you have any questions - we have a chat button at the lower-right side of this page.

Remember, this step is optional. You can learn SEO for free on YouTube or other blogs. This paid course is just made to fast-track your learning process. After all, who wants to wade through dozens and dozens of SEO articles and videos with no structure?

Great Value, Good Investment

This is the most comprehensive SEO training course to date. Fight me.

Full Support from Instructors

We take care of our students and assist them from lesson #1 all the way to the interview.

Lifetime Access To Students

Once you are enrolled in the course, it's yours forever.

3-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like the course after taking it for a week, get your  money back, no questions asked.