Reviews & Testimonials

These reviews were given by students who passed their final assessments.

I have a pleasant experience with Zero to SEO Hero Course.
The teaching materials are easy to digest. The videos are well made.
The training helps mentees learn the skills needed to start their SEO careers.
I am thankful for your dedication in creating this SEO Course.
Cheers to the STPH team!

Jan April N. Ricamonte

Detailed, Beginner Friendly. The best SEO Course I ever watched!!!

Alexander Ringor

The course was very informative and interesting.

Joan Rago

The course is very easy to understand and easy to navigate. I have watched a lot of SEO videos on Youtube but It is my first time to fully understand the course. Looking forward for the Apprenticeship program. Good Job ❤️

Michael Lagac

Unlike other online training sites, The course's explanation from the video is sound and clear. It's like taking face to face course.

Djanmir Josiah San Juan

This course is great! All of the videos is easy to understand even though like me who don't have any prior knowledge or experience in SEO. Thank you!

Gian Patulot

I want to express my gratitude for your dedication Coach Yesh and to Coach Roco for creating such an outstanding learning experience and Live coaching session for 4 sessions. The best course i've ever taken in my life. All the lessons and topics are well taught and well compromised lessons. It makes it easer to understand how SEO works by taking this Ultimate Course. A very big thanks it will help me a lot on my SEO journey.

Gabriel Carl Timog

This SEO course exceeded my expectations! The most comprehensive SEO Training course in the country indeed. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to master SEO! Good job, Yesh and team!

Ashley Kaye T. Ubalde

Feeling blessed and thankful... Now I know how to be an SEO Specialist.

Rhen-Mart P. Aropo

The course was satisfactory; I'd rate it 7 out of 10.

While the course did deliver on its promised content, I found it to be too basic and somewhat outdated. It gives the impression of being comprised of repurposed information.

Given that this course utilizes AI voice-over and offers only basic information, it doesn't seem to justify the price point.

I hope future updates will align more with the current trends in SEO, especially concerning AI SEO and the latest advanced strategies.

Overall, the course is decent — not terrible, but not exceptional either. I'm optimistic that the Apprenticeship program will be more impressive.

Jason Manuel

Very simple and easy to navigate through the lessons. The voice over and speech rate is clear and understandable. My favorite part is I can access it on my own time.

Ann Mae Natividad

Absolutely phenomenal!

Cyrillia Fernandez

This online course is easy to learn and fun. Each topic is straightforward, there are no highfalutin explanations, Yesh and his team make sure to explain every detail and term in a manner that non-tech savvy people can understand.

Carl Sioson

The course was comprehensive. It covered all the necessary subjects in the world of SEO. The video tutorials were easy to follow. Materials are of big help.

Napoleon Quintos Jr

Thank you for providing this opportunity and for developing this course. I learn a lot from your fundamentals to advanced training. Now I am confident that I can apply everything I've learned from the course to my future businesses and clients. I will certainly recommend SEO Training Philippines to all aspiring SEO specialists.

Benison David Sanchez

overwhelming and super informative

sherwin troy tesaluna

I found the online course to be enjoyable. I was able to manage my own pace and attend to my children while following the lessons. The instructional content was presented clearly, and my queries were promptly addressed through Facebook Messenger.

Areas for potential improvement include the sequencing of lesson 1 and the segment on building an online portfolio, which I found a bit confusing. Additionally, it would be helpful if there was prior notice to trainees about certain tools used in the videos that are not free and require separate purchases.

Overall, my impression of the training is positive. Applying this knowledge to real-world tasks is the next step, and I'm looking forward to doing so.

Thank you!!!

Paul Angelo M. Cabangon

It is everything I need to gain SEO skills

Nico Ramos

The course is easy to understand and beginner friendly. You will not regret enrolling in this course because it is jampacked with learnings and can help you to understand everything about SEO and how to get a client. I can definitely recommend the course to my friends who wants to start their freelancing journey.

Earl John Esteban

I must say it was a highly informative and easy to follow guides. The SEO Training Ph managed to breakdown the concept and strategies in a way that it was easy to understand. I highly recommend SEO Training Ph to enhance their SEO skills. Whether you are beginner like me or have prior experience.

Benigno Castro

The course was comprehensive enough for someone like me who does not know what SEO is. I learned a lot, I may come back for more.

Criselda D. Ayco

Enrolling in Zero to Hero is a game-changer for me. After many years of searching for the best digital marketing course and watching tutorial videos that confused me even more, I'm happy I landed on this website. It's truly the most comprehensive SEO Training Course. The modules are detailed and easy to follow. Complex learning made easy!

Kudos to Yesh and the whole team!

Miya Alonzo

Exceptional! I learned a lot about guest posting and link outreach which is something we don't normally do in our agency. This will help me establish my own agency in the future!

Gerard Sto.Tomas

The contents of this course overwhelming for me as a beginner who does not have any background for SEO. This course is very comprehensive, I learned a lot and so far the content of this course is perfect.

Algin John Bade

Course is very comprehensive and detailed, I'm now much more eager to get a client, apply what I've learned, and explore and learn deeper into the realm of SEO! Every peso spent is worth it! Thank you so much SEO Training Phils.

John Carlo Madduma

This course has been very helpful, each lesson is comprehensive and it provides a hands on example!

Jeremy Bumanlag

Tatagalugin ko po yung gusto kong sabihin para mas maintindihan po. Una, sobrang daling intindihin nung course ni STPH, honestly ang dami ko na pong natake na SEO Courses pero dito po ako sainyo mas natuto realtalk lang po. Kasi naka self-paced po sya and naka step by step process na pwedeng balik balikan anytime unlike sa iba po na live training and after that ikaw na bahala sa sarili mo, kadalasan din sakanila is walang recorded man lang and daming kulang na information sobra. Sobrang happy po ako na naka enroll ako sa STPH Ultimate Course, plus nagustuhan ko ng sobra is yung Apprenticeship program nyo na wala sa iba. Lastly, yung pricing nyo po is mas mura compare sa competitors nyo.
Sobrang salamat po and sana marami pa po kayong students na matulungan to become a competent SEO Specialist.

Robert Cope

The comprehensive SEO training provided by Yesh was highly informative, engaging, and structured. The blend of theoretical and practical learning enabled a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Sam E

If I were to recommend an SEO course here in PH to my friends, I will definitely say, to choose SEO Training Philippines' course. I did not regret taking this course. It serves as an investment for me being a newbie VA. This course has expanded my horizons about SEO. I could also see that Yesh has dedicated so much on this course in order to help Filipinos be successful in their career in digital marketing. Thank you so much Yesh for sharing your knowledge to us. I wish all the success to SEO Training PH for their future endeavors!

Maureen Grace Vallejos

The Zero To Hero: The Complete SEO Training Course exceeded my expectations, I must say. I just finished it and passed the final examination in just 1 take. The course does a good job of covering all the crucial topics and is designed for newbies who want to grasp the ins and outs of SEO.

The training also comes with a ton of tools and resources that may really help you improve your SEO skills, such templates. You won't feel overwhelmed at any moment because of the course's superb setup and pace.

I am hoping to get a job as Virtual Assistant, thank you so much Yesh and Team for creating this wonderful course to guide us, as aspiring VA's! *will hop into experiencing the reality of working on my own portfolio, prayers! Godspeed.

Michelle Bernal Samia

Very comprehensive! Highly recommended! I've learned a lot.

Adrian Montales

The course is totally worth it! I really appreciate how it is very friendly to beginners and students with no prior knowledge of SEO. Everything is explained in detail, and I like how they give some useful sheets we can utilize in practicing SEO. This is really the perfect SEO learning package!

Zainel Christian Sebastian

Absolutely the best SEO course I went through. Although it's a recorded training module, Yesh and his team explained SEO the proper way. I am glad I took the leap and enrolled in the Zero to Hero SEO Course. Before enrolling in the course, I only had basic knowledge about search engine optimization, and now I am confident enough to apply everything I've learned to my website and to my future clients. Their zero-to-hero course, the breakthrough program, and my favorite SEO audit master list deserve a 5-star review and are worth every single penny. For people who are serious about SEO, get this course!

Cherry Jane Quinio

Thank you so much for the free course. It was really helpful and easy to understand compared to other courses. I haven't applied [what I learned] yet but I'm satisfied with the information I have learned especially with how the search engine work. 

Yousef Laurio

Courses are so detailed and easy to follow, you can ask them questions if you are confused. I am currently on night shift but I am sooo excited to finish the course!

Mary Jenn Urdaneta

The training experience is something that I never had before. Although it's a recorded training module, it's really easy to understand. The narrator's voice is very engaging and they use words that an average person can comprehend. I passed the assessment in 1 take only. I never imagined that I, with no idea or experience of what SEO is, will make the assessment in 1 take. I highly recommend this training for other aspiring SEO Specialists. Yesh and the team are very accommodating and will guide you through the whole process. I am so excited to land my first SEO job!

Jaypee Artajo