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We're not kidding when we say our goal is to be the best SEO training center in the Philippines for Filipinos - we plan to deliver that promise every single time. Project Prodigy is SEO Training Philippines' biggest update yet.

Learn more about this massive update below:

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  • Upgrade to the Ultimate Course or only P1,500 (P1,500 off)


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What is project prodigy?

When we say we want to be the best SEO training course for Filipinos, we mean it.

Ever since our launch in 2020, we've had major success with our courses.

We've had over 170 enrollees and a record of 68 days and 9 hours of total watch time.

But count on us when we say we're not gonna rest on our laurels. 

We've had over 170 enrollees and a record of 68 days and 9 hours of total watch time.

In fact, we've been working nonstop these past few months to continue making our courses the most comprehensive and affordable SEO training courses for Filipinos. 

We're releasing the second massive update on our courses, featuring cool, new, and exciting features - and we collectively call this Project Prodigy. (our first major update was called Horizon Focus)

Whether you're enrolled in our paid or free courses, you'll find these updates beneficial to your journey to becoming an SEO.

8 New Features!

buy now pay later (0% interest for 3 months)

After a lengthy application process we are finally partnering with Atome, to offer you this flexible payment plan - 0% interest in 3 installments!

All you need to do is register in the Atome app and link your credit or debit card. You can learn more how Buy Now Pay Later works here.

We're also working towards getting approved with Billease, so stay tuned.


20+ Video Updates

There have been far too many updates to hosting, software, and search engine-related information since the creation of our lessons. We've replaced around 11 outdated videos with these latest updates.

We also did some organizing on the sequence of our lessons. You can check out the updated course outline by clicking the button below. Or login to your account and see the changes if you're already enrolled in the course.


To make things more exciting (and hopefully bump our completion rate), we're introducing Badges and Achievements, a new feature that will make your learning journey more exciting and rewarding.

Badges are achievements you gain for completing various lessons or tasks throughout the courses. Aside from motivating you to finish the course and earn some extra bragging points, each badge you earn rewards you with Coins, which you can use to unlock rewards.

new course tier added: ultimate

We're adding a new course tier for the extremely determined freelancer who wants to absorb everything we have to offer. Introducing the Ultimate Tier.

Among SEO courses in the Philippines, we're confident that we offer the most bang for your buck. No other course has this many features at an affordable price.

Ultimate is a bundle of 3 courses that will give you the utmost theoretical and practical advantage among the competition.

get listed on the verified seo specialist directory

The Verified SEO Specialist Directory is the official database of SEO Training Philippines' students who have passed the final assessment and have received their Certificate of Completion. Being a part of this directory proves you've undergone the necessary training and assessment to become an SEO Specialist.

SEO Business Breakthrough Program

This year, we're launching the SEO Business Breakthrough (SBB) program, a student-exclusive, step-by-step program to help YOU fast-track your way to a thriving SEO business. It also doubles as a web development subsidy for your portfolio website!

This is an introductory course that shows you the possibility to what's beyond freelancing. The SBB Program is only available for Ultimate course students.

high-paying referral/affiliate program

Help empower aspiring SEOs while earning income for yourself. Join our risk-free referral program and enjoy a 20% commission for every enrollee. This affiliate program is exclusive to current and past students.

affiliate dashboard

apprenticeship program (Q1 2023)

The apprenticeship program will allow our students to experience agency-level SEO experience, without the fear and anxiety of failing and damaging a client's website. 

It's still in the works, though. We're still fleshing out things to turn this program into a productive, flawless system for our students. The great news is that we're 80% sure we can launch it in Q1 of 2023.

Keep an eye out for your email and our social media pages for an update on the apprenticeship program. Enrollees this month will get priority seats.

The Apprenticeship Program is only available to Ultimate Course Students.

apprenticeship program

Success Stories & Testimonials

success story of jaypee artejo

Night Shift Customer Support To $1,250/month SEO Specialist

Unlike other courses, the lesson thoroughly explains the objective and will walk you through each step from purchasing your first domain name to setting up your website portfolio.


Their [course] has certainly helped me upgrade my basic SEO knowledge. Their lessons have clear explanations with comprehensive guide and examples. 

bernadette nava

I enjoyed the whole course, It was at my own pace. Yesh and his team really made it easy for people like me who have zero idea about SEO to understand it clearly. 

miguel luis narra

Although it could get a bit technical, the instructor tries to explain everything in layman's terms. They respond to every message and give thorough answers.

Farah rarugal