gain real-life SEO experience with the apprenticeship program

  • Gain valuable, real-life SEO experience without fear of ruining a client's website
  • Build confidence and take on your first client with ease.
  • Simulate real SEO agency work and use tools and software.

Do These Apply To You?

If any of the these apply to you, then you're a perfect fit for our Apprenticeship Program!

problem #1

You already know some SEO strategies in theory, but have yet to implement them on a client's website and you're still on the hunt for that first client. 

problem #2

You know various SEO strategies, but get analysis paralysis when you have to work with a client's website. Nerves? Simply overwhelmed? Who knows?

problem #3

You pass initial interviews with a breeze, but have difficulty landing the job because you lack the necessary amount of experience they are looking for.

Absolutely the best SEO course I went through. Although it's a recorded training module, Yesh and his team explained SEO the proper way.

I am glad I took the leap and enrolled in the Zero to Hero SEO Course. Before enrolling in the course, I only had basic knowledge about search engine optimization, and now I am confident enough to apply everything I've learned to my website and to my future clients.

Their Zero-To-Hero course, the Breakthrough Program, and my favorite SEO Audit Master List deserve a 5-star review and are worth every single penny. For people who are serious about SEO, get this course!

Cherry jane quinio


The apprenticeship program

The Apprenticeship Program is an exclusive program in the Ultimate Course Bundle that will enable you to gain valuable, practical, and real-life SEO experience without the fear of breaking a client's website.

My experience taking the basic course is AMAZING. It helped me fuel my dream to become an SEO Specialist. The modules were all user-friendly for a beginner like me and the support is phenomenal.

Bryan Yosuico

Basic Course Student // Final Assessment Passer

What You'll Get Out Of The Apprenticeship Program

This starter course will give you an introduction to what SEO is, and hopefully, will help you decide if becoming an SEO Specialist is the perfect career path for you.

Gain Experience. Obtain valuable hands-on training on keyword research, content writing, and link building.

Build Confidence. We created an environment where you can apply what you've learned without fear of consequences.

Sharpen Your Skills. Go beyond the theories and apply what you've learned in the Complete Course.

Improve Your Resume. Your apprenticeship experience (and certificates) can be used to bolster your resume.  

The training experience is something that I never had before. Although it's a recorded training module, it's really easy to understand. The narrator's voice is very engaging and they use words that an average person can comprehend. I passed the assessment in 1 take only.

I never imagined that I, with no idea or experience what SEO is, will make the assessment in 1 take. I highly recommend this training for other aspiring SEO Specialists. Yesh and the team are very accommodating and will guide you through the whole process. I am so excited to land on my first SEO job!

jaypee artajo

jaypee artajo


What's Inside The Apprenticeship Program?

gain experience by working on a real website

Other training courses will offer some sort of Apprenticeship Program and use their students as free labor to build links on their own websites.

At SEO Training PH, we actually did the opposite - we spent months building a real, working website (with rankings and traffic!) so our students can use it!

Get Your Hands On A Guided Worksheet So You'll Never  Get Los

Each student gets their own guided worksheet, with detailed and outlined steps, SOPs, videos, and notes on how to do specific SEO tasks.

Work On Your Own Pace, Learn In Your Own Time.

We know you're busy. You're taking this course during your free time and we absolutely respect that.

You can complete the Apprenticeship Program on your own pace at your own time.

4x Live Coaching/Q And A Sessions In 4 Weeks.

To help students maximize their learnings, we'll hold live coaching and Q&A sessions every week for 4 weeks. 

We plan to hold this during weekend nights, but will follow the the majority of the group's decision.

Brag About It: Earn A Certificate!

Earn a certificate of completion once you've finished the course to boost your resume. It's a separate certificate from the Complete Course, so you'll get two certificates in total!

01 earn a certificate

Earn a certificate of completion once you've finished the course to boost your resume.

02 Separate Certificate

It's a separate certificate from the Complete Course, so you'll get two certificates in total!

03 Unique Certificate Number 

Each certificate has a 16-digit certificate number for authentication purposes.

04 Well-Designed

Professionally-made, so you'll never be embarrassed showing this around!

Praise and Testimonials

frequently asked questions

How many hours is the Ultimate Course?

The Ultimate Course, which includes the Complete Course, the SEO Business Breakthrough Program, and the Apprenticeship Program is about 30 hours long.

Is the Apprenticeship Program recorded or live (face-to-face)?

The Apprenticeship Program is a set of recorded videos. 

Is the Apprenticeship Program self-paced? How often is the class?

The Apprenticeship Program is self-paced, a perfect fit for busy people like you! However, Apprentices are closely monitored by an instructor via a Facebook group chat.

Who is eligible to take the Apprenticeship Program?

The Apprenticeship Program is available only to our enrollees of the Ultimate course and select Complete Course students who enrolled during the Project Prodigy launch.

If you're not enrolled in other courses, such as the Basic Course or the Complete Course, you just need to upgrade your course to the Ultimate Course here

For example: If you're enrolled in the Basic Course, you just need to pay Php5,000 to upgrade - no need to pay the full amount!

Do you offer face-to-face classes?

Not at the moment, but we're open to creating an SEO conference if the opportunity arises.

enroll now while slots last!