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Help empower aspiring SEOs while earning income for yourself. Join our risk-free referral program and enjoy a ton of benefits!

And to make your side of things easier, we've built a reputation over the past two years as the leading SEO training program in the Philippines. Just ask our 230+ students!

We also offer a generous commission rate of 15% of the total payment.

For example, let's say you referred ten students in one month to our Complete Course (worth ₱3,500). If 15% of ₱3,500 is ₱525, and we multiply it by ten referrals, that's ₱5,250 earnings for you.

quick, easy set up

Sign up, get approved, get your affiliate code and start promoting our course. It's that easy.

regular payouts

We pay commissions whenever requested.

high commission rate

Earn a 15% commission for every referral you make. No hidden fees.

no minimum referral

Whether you refer 1 or 30 students, you'll get your earned commission either way.

BONUS commissions

The affiliate with the highest commission at the end of the year will receive an extra special bonus!


We take pride in providing transparency to our affiliates. Keep track of your earnings anytime on your affiliate dashboard.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

Become an affiliate of SEO Training Philippines in just 3 easy steps.

sign up

Registering as an affiliate is free. Sign up for the affiliate program on the form below.


Refer students to our course using your custom affiliate code & links.


Earn a commission each time a student enrolls in a course using your referral link.

frequently asked questions

Am i eligible to becoming a brand affiliate?

For now, we can only accept applicants that satisfy the any of the two requirements:

  • Freelancers and digital marketers with a platform to promote the course (i.e., YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook page with a following)
  • Current students
  • Businesses that are relevant to the training course (e.g., online course platforms, consultancy businesses, etc.)

We have a stringent vetting process because we want to avoid spammy marketing practices.

how can i apply?

If you satisfy the requirements above, you can apply through the form below.

how long does it take to get approved?

Applications are typically approved within 24 hours, via email. We'll let you know if the approval process will take longer.

what promotion methods are banned/not allowed?

You cannot mindlessly promote the course on Facebook groups and pages, hoping that you'll get referrals. That's not how affiliate marketing works. 

If you're looking for ideas, please contact us and we'll help you devise a strategy.

where can I see my earnings?

Once approved, you will be provided an Affiliate Dashboard where you can view your discount code and track your referrals and commissions.

When & where are payouts sent?

Affiliates receive their payments when requested. Payments can be sent via bank transfer of your choice, GCash, or Maya. Please note, that transfer fees (which on average is around PHP 15) apply are deducted to your total commissions.

We'll notify you immediately should there be a delay in the schedule of payouts (for example, scheduled maintenance of payment processors or online banks).

what is the 30-day rule?

You must make a sale after 30-days of being an affiliate, else your affiliate status will be revoked.

We do this because we want to keep our pool of affiliates and brand ambassadors small and high-quality, to prevent spammy promotion tactics.

Apply Now

To become an affiliate, just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Where do you plan to promote our course? Please list all platforms that you plan to use.
How do you plan to promote our course? I.e., (1) Publish 2 videos about freelancing and mention our course, (2) Refer friends, family, and colleagues, etc.
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