Thinking about upskilling or Shifting Your Career to SEO?

If you want to know a little more about SEO before committing to a full (or paid) course, then Square One: The Free SEO Starter Course is for you.

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I enjoyed the whole course. It was at my own pace. Yesh and his team really made it easy for people like me who have zero idea about SEO to understand it clearly.

Miguel Luis Narra

Complete Course Student // Final Assessment Passer

Learn Basic SEO For Free!

Maybe you want to upskill. Or maybe you want shift to a career that's more fulfilling. Either way, you're thinking about learning SEO.

If you want to know a little more about SEO before committing to a full (or paid) course, then Square One: The Free SEO Starter Course is for you.

This course will help you set the right foundation and help you discover if Search Engine Optimization is for you.

We made this course to help prospective students make an informed purchase decision.

My experience taking the basic course is AMAZING. It helped me fuel my dream to become an SEO Specialist. The modules were all user-friendly for a beginner like me and the support is phenomenal.

Bryan Yosuico

Basic Course Student // Final Assessment Passer

Here's What You'll Get Out Of This Free SEO Course

This starter course will give you an introduction to what SEO is, and hopefully, will help you decide if becoming an SEO Specialist is the perfect career path for you.

Learn what is SEO, including introductions to On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO.

Discover the 8 crucial steps you need to take to become an SEO Specialist. Spoiler: there is NO secret sauce - anyone can do it!

What kind of SEO Specialist are you? Discover your SEO specialization with the help of a short (and fun!) quiz.

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Learn what is Search Engine Optimization, how it works, and what makes it so important for businesses.

This 8-step straightforward guide is all you need to become a legitimate, and competent SEO Specialist. 

Take this short quiz and be guided on what could be your most successful career path

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This time, it's our treat! Want to see a glimpse of what's inside the ? You can watch six videos in the Complete SEO Course (worth PhP3,500) for free.

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Read What Our Students Are Saying

I enjoyed the whole course. It was at my own pace. Yesh and his team really made it easy for people like me who have zero idea about SEO to understand it clearly.

Also, the modules are yours to keep so every time you need a refresher just revisit the course. which I think is a huge plus moving forward

Miguel Luis Narra

The SEO Training Philippines' SEO Courses are very detailed, and I recommend it for beginners with totally no idea about what SEO is.

Unlike other courses, the lesson thoroughly explains the objective and will walk you through each step from purchasing your first domain name to setting up your website portfolio. Plus, they keep the modules updated!

The support is top-notch. Yesh has been very patient with answering my questions and provided me with ideas on what to do next. Thank you, Yesh for this affordable SEO course, yet very invaluable!

Anne Cahiles

The training experience is something that I never had before. Although it's a recorded training module, it's really easy to understand. The narrator's voice is very engaging and they use words that an average person can comprehend.

I passed the assessment in 1 take only. I never imagined that I, with no idea or experience what SEO is, will make the assessment in 1 take.

I highly recommend this training for other aspiring SEO Specialists.Yesh and the team are very accommodating and will guide you through the whole process. I am so excited to land on my first SEO job!

Jaypee Artajo

Thank you so much! I've learned a lot from the modules. As a career shifter, you did a great job in explaining each topics, I also love how professional you explained the topics.

Congratulations on a job well done, you guys!

Highly recommend it for career shifters.

Aecarah Lee

Hi Yesh. I just want to say thank you. I just passed my 3 pang gigisang interview. And negotiated my asking salary sa mismong CEO. Wala pa po ako sa freelancing but I still consider this as big achievement kasi I can now put what I learn sa actual industry na.

Anyways, thanks for always responding pag may concerns ako.

Pauline Angelyn

Courses are so detailed and easy to follow, you can ask them questions if you are confused. I am currently on night shift but I am sooo excited to finish the course!

Mary Jenn Urdaneta

The course is helpful. You're one great SEO coach!

Alexandra Furio // Polylite.com.ph

Taking their Zero to Hero SEO Training Complete Course has certainly helped me upgrade my basic SEO knowledge.

Their lessons have clear explanations with comprehensive guide and examples.

Moreover, Mr. Yesh and SEO Training Philippines' staff are very supportive and friendly. I'd definitely recommend!

Bernadette Nava

This is literally a bang for the buck! For an SEO starter, the provided lessons will give you a strong and comprehensive foundation. Whenever you need a refresher, you can access the modules anytime. Kudos to the team!

The founder and co-owner, Yesh, is superb and will give you boundless support every time you have some questions. So for aspiring SEOs out there, don't waste time and enroll now in these courses!

Piolo Marasigan