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From Apprentice To Our Very Own Content Manager: SEO Hero Diaries #3

By Yeshua Quijano | Last Updated April 27, 2023

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from apprentice to content manager

Can you give us a short intro about yourself? What are you currently doing?

I am Cherry, an SEO Content Creator for a Digital Marketing Agency. I took the Complete Course Program last October at SEO Training Philippines. And then, this year, I joined their first Apprenticeship Program and finished it last March, which led me to this position.

As a Content Creator, I write articles, tweak them for search engines, and post them on their website about parenting and motherhood. I'm thankful for the comprehensive training I got from SEO Training Philippines, which prepared me for this exciting job in the digital marketing industry.

Why do you want to pursue a career in SEO?

I first wanted to work in the SEO industry because I thought it would let me blend my love of writing with my interest in digital marketing.

As I learned more about SEO, I understood how important it is for businesses to have a strong online presence and how SEO can play a big role in driving traffic and improving visibility. I liked the challenge of keeping up with how search engine algorithms change and finding new ways to make material search engine friendly.

Overall, SEO is a useful skill in today's digital world, and I'm very interested in helping businesses succeed in this area.

Let’s talk about your experience with our course first. How did you find out about SEO Training Philippines?

I found out about SEO Training Philippines by searching for SEO courses online. After looking at their website, I became interested in their Zero to Hero SEO Training Course, which covers all SEO topics.

The positive reviews and testimonials from their former students also impressed me, which gave me faith in the quality of their program. And these reasons led me to choose SEO Training Philippines as my preferred training provider for my SEO courses.

What made you decide that this is a course that you’d like to take? I’m sure you saw a few other courses along the way.

I enrolled in SEO Training Philippines's Complete Course Program because it had a complete curriculum and a good reputation. Also, their apprenticeship program gave me essential hands-on experience working on real SEO projects with experienced mentors.

This was a big part of how I got ready for a job in SEO. Overall, SEO Training Philippines is my top choice because it has a complete curriculum, a good reputation, and a useful apprenticeship program.

How difficult was the course for you? We made the course as comprehensive as we can, so it’s quite long and definitely not for everybody.

The course was definitely challenging, but I liked how SEO Training Philippines covered everything. The information was given in a clear and organized way, which made it easier for me to understand the ideas and methods.

But there were times when I had to put in extra work to understand some of the course's more technical parts. Overall, I thought the course was hard but worth it, and I think it gave me a solid base in SEO that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else.

How many job listings did you apply to?

I had planned to look for jobs after finishing the apprenticeship program, but I was lucky enough to be offered a job as an SEO content writer, from a company where I now work. My experience with the apprenticeship program and my skills and knowledge from the SEO Training Philippines course helped me get this job.

Yesh's Note: Cherry works for YQ Digital, the company that SEO Training Philippines is under. She got hired after being the first one to finish the Apprenticeship Program and passing it with flying colors.

Her dedication, determination, and quality of work impressed me so much that I had to hire her. She's currently working on a part-time basis, but we're plan to move her to a full-time position very soon.

I'm thankful for the chance to keep growing and learning in this field, and I look forward to helping the company where I work do well. Overall, I'm grateful to SEO Training Philippines for the training and support I got there, which helped me start a career in SEO and land my current job.

Did you use our cover email templates as-is, did you make any changes, or did you use your own?

I didn't use SEO Training Philippines' cover email templates to apply for a job. As I mentioned earlier, after I finished the apprenticeship program, I was lucky enough to be offered a job as an SEO content writer at a digital marketing agency.

But I like that this kind of template is available for people looking for work in the field who want to improve their chances of getting hired. However, I appreciate these templates as a resource and helpful for job seekers who are looking to improve their chances of securing a position in the field.

If I may ask, what is your current rate for your clients?

As a beginner SEO content creator, I am excited to have been offered a rate of Php15,000 per month by my employer. I am excited about this valuable opportunity to gain experience and develop my skills under the guidance of experienced mentors.

I am excited to work hard and showcase my skills to my employer and help them grow their business, knowing that it will lead to great opportunities for career growth and higher earnings in the future.

Now that you’ve officially entered the SEO industry, what are your career plans in the near future, say, in 1-2 years?

In the next one to two years, I want to work on getting better at both on-page and off-page SEO and at writing engaging and valuable content. I love writing and giving people excellent content that speaks to them.

I think that mixing my writing and SEO skills will allow me to make even better content and help businesses and websites do well. I plan to do this by attending SEO workshops and keeping up with industry trends and best practices for both on-page and off-page optimization.

I'm always dedicated to learning and growing, and I'm excited to contribute to the growth of the company I am working with right now.

Before I end this interview, do you have any words of inspiration for SEO beginners like you?

If you're new to SEO like me, my advice would be to always be interested and keep learning, especially when it comes to emerging technologies like AI and how they can be applied to SEO.

SEO is a field that is always changing, so it's essential to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. Feel free to try new things, ask questions, or try out new ideas. Build a network of professionals and teachers who can help you and share what they've learned from their own experiences.

Also, SEO is a wide and diverse field, so it's important to find what you're interested in and focus on that. Whether it’s technical SEO, content writing, or link building, starting with something you're interested in or passionate about can help you learn and improve more quickly.

Last but not least, don't forget to be patient and keep going. SEO success takes time and work, but it is possible if you are dedicated and work hard. I wish you the best on your journey as an SEO professional!

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Yeshua Quijano

Yesh is the founder owner of SEO Training Philippines. He is an award-winning Digital Marketing Consultant with almost a decade of experience in building, growing, and selling digital businesses.