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SEO Certification Guide in the Philippines

By Yeshua Quijano | Last Updated October 25, 2022

seo certification guide in the philippines

Are you looking to earn SEO certifications so you can build a more impressive resume or portfolio? Then this SEO certification guide is for you!

What Is An SEO Certificate?

An SEO certificate is an official proof or document attesting to your knowledge of the subject. It shows potential clients and employers you've got the right set of skills and know-how in the field of SEO.

Here, we'll walk you through the benefits of getting an SEO certificate and the best courses and training programs that offer one.

If you're ready to learn the ins and outs of SEO and earn an official proof of your knowledge of search engines, let's get right to it!

seo certification guide in the philippines

Is it worth getting an SEO certification in the Philippines?

Having certifications on your resume means you dedicated time (and money to boot!) to hone your skills and knowledge so you can do better at your craft.

But the question is, is it worth it?

The answer is, it depends. There are factors at play in deciding whether you need an SEO certification:

  • Your knowledge and level of expertise in SEO
  • Your goals for your SEO career
  • The level of difficulty offered by the course
  • Your budget

The Benefits of A Certification

If you're sitting on the fence on enrolling on an Search Engine Optimization course for freelancers, here are the benefits of having one:

1. Everything you need to know is laid out for you.

All the things you need to know about SEO is arranged in a hierarchical form in these courses, starting with the basics and moving gradually to the technical parts.

You don't need to scour the internet for articles and forums for answers to your SEO-related questions, only to end up more confused than before. The course already filtered and arranged the necessary details so you could learn it at your own pace.

2. You get knowledge straight from the expert(s).

A proven SEO expert will teach you everything you need to know, including what works and what doesn't.

Some SEO courses also offer one-on-one mentorships or consultations. If you're still starting to put your knowledge into practice, having an expert ready to help is extremely convenient.

3. An SEO certification is the best proof that you know what you're doing.

An SEO course is a "nice-to-have", not a necessity.

However, having an SEO certification under your belt from a reputable course could help back up your claims of knowing your way around search engines.

After all, you won't get an SEO certificate if you haven't completed the course and taken the exam for an assessment of your learnings.

Disadvantages: The Other Side of the Coin

While this SEO certification guide aims to enlighten you about the perks of having one, it's only fair to tackle the not-so-bright side of it too. These are the reasons why some aren't fans of an SEO certification:

1. Some certificates aren't recognized by companies.

Companies don't pay much attention to certifications. You won't even see "must be SEO-certified" in SEO specialist job descriptions. They want to see your work on how you ranked a website to the number one spot (or first page, at least) for a competitive keyword rather than looking at a certificate they're not sure what exactly covers.

2. Being SEO certified doesn't guarantee an SEO-skilled specialist.

Let's say you know the process of conducting keyword research. But when a client asks you to do it, can you do it in the most efficient way possible? Can you perform keyword research based on search intent or reverse-engineer competitor sites?

If the answer is no, then your SEO certification is basically useless. It's nothing when you can't put that knowledge into real-life situations.

How To Get SEO-Certified

To get a certification most courses will require you to enroll and go through their lessons. The lessons are often in video format and would require you to invest anywhere between 3 to 10 hours of time.

Some courses will obligate you to submit or perform assignments after each video or module. Our own training course requires you to create your own portfolio website and rank it in Google.

Most courses will also have you take a final assessment. If you pass, you will earn a certificate of completion and a badge.

Best courses and training offering SEO certification

Already decided that an SEO certificate is a good addition to your credentials? Great! Here are the best SEO training and courses offering certifications for SEO specialists like you!

Take note this list is a mix of free and paid courses. You can take some of these courses whenever you want, while some, you'll have to sign-up to a waitlist.

Yoast Academy

yoast academy

If you've been using WordPress for quite some time now, then you're surely familiar with one of the best WordPress SEO plugins in the market - Yoast.

Yoast Academy offers courses tackling content and technical SEO, with particular topics revolving keyword research, all-around SEO, and site structure, to name a few.

You can get a Yoast SEO Academy subscription for free if you're simply looking to check out what they have to offer. Otherwise, check out their course subscription plans, starting from $299 / year.

Price: The free version covers basic SEO training. You have to pay for the more comprehensive training, although at $299 to $499/year, this might be outside the budget for most freelancers.

Moz Academy

MOZ academy

One of the leading SEO tools today, Moz has taken the liberty of establishing an online academy for those who want to learn the craft of SEO. They have a good line of courses, ranging from beginner-friendly ones to those targeted for experts.

Their SEO Essentials Certificate is priced at $595 with additional. The course tackles the necessities of SEO - keyword research, basic SEO concepts, page optimization, and more.

They also offer more specific courses, with topics ranging from backlink basics to local SEO to technical SEO site audit, with prices ranging from $99 to $295.

The courses are perfect for both agency owners and freelance SEO specialists...who have the budget.

Price: $99 to $595

SEMrush Academy

Semrush academy

Learn the particulars of SEO straight from one of the companies offering the best tools in the industry. Prominent names in SEO, such as Eric Enge, will be teaching you the courses themselves!

SEMrush Academy also offers courses and exams aside from SEO and SMM, such as content marketing, social media marketing, and PPC.

One thing to note in SEMrush Academy is that the lessons are very integrated with their tool. Their Link Building test, for example, have ten questions only that are mostly about their SEMrush and how you can use it to build links.

This course is best used by SEO Specialists who want to use SEMrush as their main SEO tool.

Price: free

Hubspot Academy's SEO Course

SEO that works

Hubspot Academy's SEO course only covers the basics, but it provides one of the best structured courses on the internet. It's a short course led by Matthew Barby, the Director of Acquisition at Hubspot, consisting of fifteen videos and an exam afterward.

In one hour, you'll learn how to evaluate a website's SEO and some SEO secrets from the Hubspot team. Each video also comes with a workbook and/or a link to resources and helpful references.

Once you pass the exam, you'll earn an SEO certification you can include in your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Hubspot also offers plenty of free, single-lesson videos. The only downside here is that the lessons have no linear progression and can feel all over the place.

Price: free

SEO Training Philippines' Course

seo training course in the philippines

SEO Training Philippines offers the most comprehensive course and SEO certification course for freelancers in the Philippines.

The course contains over 50 easy-to-digest (and counting!) videos discussing Search Engine Optimization in great detail. It provides step-by-step tutorials on how to create your portfolio website up until you're ready to offer your services as an SEO specialist.

Aside from the course, you'll also get additional perks and resources to put your knowledge to practice. You get one-year access to Thrive Suite, hosting for the higher plans, and domain name registration. The course also has an exclusive Facebook group for a more personalized mentoring experience.

After the final exam, you will be given a certificate and a badge that you can put on your LinkedIn profile.

The only downside here is that you have to wait until January 2021 to take the course.

Price: Regular price is PHP 6,999 for the Basic package and PHP 9,999 for the Advanced package, discounted to PHP1,500 and PHP3,500, respectively.

2021 Update: We understand that many people have lost their jobs due to COVID or don't want to go back to work in offices for fear of contracting the disease so we lowered the prices for 2021.

September 2022 Update: We're sticking with the discounted price for 2022 and beyond!

SEO That Works


Brian Dean is one of the leading SEO experts today, and he also runs Backlinko, one of the most trusted digital marketing blogs around. He established SEO That Works to help people learn the ropes of the industry.

He describes the course as an accumulation of actionable strategies and techniques you can use for your site's SEO strategy. The course tackles essential SEO topics such as how to:

  • Do keyword research properly
  • Perform content optimization the right way
  • Achieve higher rankings with proven and advanced strategies

This training program is not entirely for beginners, though. If you're an SEO specialist, a digital marketer, or an entrepreneur looking to level up your ranking game, this course is for you.

Price: $497 / month (you'll have to sign up for the waitlist)

ClickMinded SEO Course


ClickMinded's Google SEO Certification course is built by Tommy Griffith, the SEO manager of Airbnb and Paypal. The course teaches you proven techniques to rank at the top on SERPs and drive more traffic to your site.

If you want a detailed SEO course and you're not afraid to put a wad of cash on the table, ClickMinded is the way to go.

While they do provide SEO certification once you pass the exam, they're pretty upfront when they say you don't really need it to show clients you're the one. They want you to focus on the process of learning rather than finishing the course only for the certificate.

Price: $997

SEO Certification Guide: Key Takeaway

Is getting an SEO certification beneficial or is it just a waste of time?

That depends. If you want to learn the ropes of SEO from the experts themselves, then yes, an SEO course and certificate is for you.

If you're taking a course only for the sake of getting a PDF certificate afterward, then you're wasting time and missing the purpose of the program.

Choose a program that fits your budget and comprehensive enough to equip you with the right knowledge and skillset.

SEO Training Philippines uses credible sources, our own internal testing results, as well as our experience as SEO Specialists to validate the information in our articles. Read our editorial process to understand how we ensure the accuracy, dependability, and integrity of our content.

Yeshua Quijano

Yesh is the founder and co-owner of SEO Training Philippines. He is an award-winning Digital Marketing Consultant with almost a decade of experience in building, growing, and selling digital businesses.