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how to buy your first course

Want to know how to register your first course with us? Just watch the short (1:51) video below:

List of Steps

Step 1: Choose your course

First, go to our homepage, and click the "View Course" button. Then, choose your preferred course. We have 3 courses right now: the Beginners SEO course, the Advanced SEO course, and the SEO Agency Masterclass course.

Let's say you want to purchase the advanced SEO course. Just click the Buy button.

Step 2: fill out your billing information

On the checkout page, fill out your billing details. Make sure to enter a working email address because we'll use this to send you your account information.

Step 3: Choose your payment method

Next, choose your payment method. We currently accept 3 payment methods: credit or debit cards, GCash, and Grab Pay. Just follow the on-screen instructions for each payment method.

If payment is successful, you'll receive a welcome email containing your login information. You can immediately access your course once you receive this email.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message by clicking the contact button below.

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