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By Yeshua Quijano | Last Updated August 30, 2022

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beta launch in january 2021

Hey guys, Yesh here and I have an awesome news for you.

We're doing a beta launch on the first week of January 2021 and we're only opening our doors to 20 students!

Interested in taking the most comprehensive SEO training course for Filipino freelancers? Read more about our beta launch below:

beta launch in january 2021

Application Form

If you're interested in applying, just fill out the short questionnaire below. Don't forget to read the Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Beta Launch of our SEO training course?

Before I offer this course to the general public, I decided to do a beta launch for a limited number of students. 

Why am I doing this instead of just offering the course to the public ASAP?

Simply because I want to make this the best course that it can be. This will give me an opportunity to validate the effectiveness of this course as well as acquire much-needed feedback on areas of improvement.

If you're interested on being one of the first 20 students of the most comprehensive SEO course for Filipino freelancers, please continue reading:

What is the SEO Training Course in the first place?!

The SEO Training Philippines course is the best SEO training course for Filipino freelancers

This course is made with almost a decade of digital marketing experience - trial and errors, successes and failures, and everything in between.

It also took us more than a year of writing, editing, recording, and refining the course to what it is today. You can read more on our about page for more information about this training course.

What will I get for joining your beta launch?

You will enjoy the following perks:

  • The Expert course is massively discounted to P1,000 only, from our regular price of P6,000 (83% discount). For the full course curriculum, please see image below.
  • 1-on-1 consultations and help with job applications (if needed)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Beta launch students will get access to all future course updates as well as automatic discounted rates on future courses.
  • Once finished, you'll get a Certification of Completion as well as a LinkedIn badge.

Full Course Curriculum:

course curriculum

When are you launching?

Our ETA is on the first week of January 2021.

How much is the course of beta launch students?

The full course is discounted to P1,000 only, from our regular price of P4,500.

Who is eligible to apply?

I don't have a strict criteria for candidates, but I need students who can commit to working through the course. It would be such a waste to accept students only for them to stop working on the course halfway through. Ideally we'd love to have you if:

  • You're already a freelancer or an employee looking  into freelancing
  • Can and will commit an hour a day for the training course.
  • Can and will provide us constructive feedback about the course.
  • Have the equipment (at least a dual-core laptop or desktop computer) and internet connection (at least 5mbps) to reliably work through the course.

You can take a look at our full course curriculum on our Facebook page or through the screenshot below:

course curriculum

Do I need to have a background in SEO to take this course?

No, this course is designed for absolute beginners, so you can take it even if you have zero knowledge about SEO.

When is the application period?

You can apply for the beta launch from November 25, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

How can I apply?

To apply, simply answer the form below and we'll contact you if you are selected.

What are the terms and conditions of joining?

Scope and Limitations

Since this is a  beta launch, things might not be perfect. However, I believe I can still provide great value. Just take a look at our course curriculum:

Refund Policy

I offer a no-questions asked refund if and only if, you went through the entire course and prove to me that you did not learn anything at all.

Honest Testimonial

Beta launch students are also required to give an honest testimonial regarding their experience with the course.

How can I pay?

Once your application has been accepted, you can pay the enrollment fee via the following payment gateways:

  • GCash
  • Bank Transfer (Bank of The Philippine Islands, Union Bank)
  • Payoneer

Questions? Email Us!

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email at hello@seotraining.ph or use the Contact Form here.

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Yeshua Quijano

Yesh is the founder and co-owner of SEO Training Philippines. He is an award-winning Digital Marketing Consultant with almost a decade of experience in building, growing, and selling digital businesses.