Ultimate Course SEOSavings (Manual Installments) – Terms & Conditions

This document sets forth the Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) that apply to your enrollment through “manual installments” in the Ultimate Course offered by SEO Training Philippines. Please read these Terms carefully before proceeding with the enrollment.

1. Installment Plan

The Ultimate Course is available through an installment plan that includes three (3) monthly payments of PHP 2,167 each, at 0% interest. You can take advantage of the manual installments feature by purchasing the Ultimate Bundle here.

2. Access per Installment

  • Upon payment of the first installment of PHP 2,333.00, you will be granted access to the complete “SEO Training Philippines” course.
  • Upon payment of the second installment after 30 days, you will be granted access to the “Apprenticeship Program”.
  • Upon payment of the third and final installment after 60 days, you will be granted access to the “SEO Business Breakthrough (SBB)” & “SEO Audit Masterlist (SAM)”.

Please note that you can pay earlier or in advance. You will get access to the next portion of the Ultimate Course Bundle earlier as well.

3. Certifications

You will receive certifications for both the Complete Course and the Apprenticeship program once you are fully paid. 

3. Complete Course Regular Price and Obligations

The regular price of the Complete Course is PHP 3,500. The first installment does not serve as an alternative method to acquire the Complete Course for PHP 2,167. If you decide not to proceed with the rest of the Ultimate Course Bundle, you must pay the remainder of the Complete Course's regular price (PHP 3,500) to retain access to it. Failure to do so will result in:

  • The revocation of your Complete Course certificate if already acquired, or;
  • A denial in taking the final assessment if not yet taken, and;
  • The revocation of Complete Course access from your account.

4. Exceptions

Upgrading to a higher-tier course (e.g., upgrading from Basic to Ultimate Course) through an SEOSavings plan is not allowed until further notice.

5. Refund Policy

The site-wide refund policy of SEO Training Philippines applies to this installment program. For details, please refer to our Refund Policy page.

6. Purpose of the Installment Plan

The installment plan is designed to accommodate individuals who are unable to register through Billease, don't have credit cards, whose cards are being declined, or those on a limited budget. Although the installment plan is manually processed and requires additional effort on our part, we believe in making quality education accessible to all.

7. Payment Schedule Adherence

Due to the manual nature of this installment plan, strict adherence to the payment schedule is mandatory. A delay of even one day in payment results in the cancellation of enrollment. It is imperative that payments be made on time.

Failure to pay for the Apprenticeship Program and SBB & SAM portions of the installment plan will result in forfeiture of your access to the course. 

8. Ultimate Course Bundle Value

By opting for the Ultimate Course Bundle, you are gaining access to a more affordable and comprehensive training option, which is invaluable for freelancers, career-shifters, and stay-at-home parents seeking to enhance their skills.

9. Eligibility

You are eligible for the SEOSavings Installment Plan only if you are a new enrollee in the Ultimate Course Bundle. Currently enrolled Basic or Complete Course students who wish to upgrade to the Ultimate Course Bundle are NOT eligible. 

10. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

Thank you for choosing SEO Training Philippines. We are committed to providing you with quality education and professional development opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us.