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Phoenix Rising: Major Updates for 2024!

By Yeshua Quijano | Last Updated March 1, 2024

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phoenix rising featured

Another year, another MAJOR update.

This year, the SEO Training Philippines team was hard at work at revamping our collection of courses, with a big focus on Zero To SEO Hero, our flagship course.

Welcome to 2024's update, Phoenix Rising.

The numbers don't lie

Customers served! 2800 Square One Students
Customers served! 2800 Zero To SEO Hero Course Students
Customers served! 2800 hrs Of Total Video Watch Time

The total video watch time was slightly lower (-52%) than 2022's but that's because people are bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic, i.e., people are returning to work (some even going back to work in offices!) and admittedly I was not able to market the course as well as I should have. 

This year, however, will be different because I plan to dedicate more resources to STPH. Afterall, we can be the most comprehensive SEO course in the country if we don't put in the required amount of effort.

What Is Phoenix Rising?

I always have a preference for cheesy and corny names. Here's what we named our past updates:

I chose the term "Phoenix Rising" to represent the significant updates to our course.

Much like the mythical Phoenix, which is reborn from its ashes, this term symbolizes our course's metamorphosis from its previous iteration into something new and rejuvenated.

To put it simply:

This metaphorical reincarnation signifies not just any change, but meaningful updates aimed at enhancing the student's learning experience, reflecting SEO Training Philippines' resilience, adaptive growth, and determination in the face of challenges and evolving educational needs of digital marketing professionals.

Course Updates

Let's go through some cool updates!

Automated Certificate Generation

Last year was a pretty yikes situation for our overall responsiveness to queries and certificate requests.

Sample Zero to hero certificate

This year, we're automating certificate generation. 

If you pass the final assessment, you will be taken to a congratulatory page where you can download your certificate and leave a feedback.

Don't worry, our certificates still look cool.

Better Email & Messenger Responsiveness

Last year we tried to create a fancy chatbot to help with some commonly asked questions, but that turned into such a complicated mess, not to mention inquiries get taken into a long winded Q&A about our course.

This year I was planning to integrate ChatGPT into FB Messenger, but Coach Robert convinced me having that human touch is still better.

And so human touch it is! 

We're hiring a Communications Officer to answer all your queries. When you reach out to our Facebook Page or send an email, you can rest assured that a human is responding to your queries.

Updated Videos

We updated the course to reflect 2024 standards:

  • No more dead scenes. Reduced video runtimes by removing fluff and dead scenes (i.e., waiting 10 seconds for a webpage to load)
  • Current Trends. Removed irrelevant or outdated information and replaced them with relevant ones.

New Voiceovers

Say goodbye forever to robot sounding voiceovers!

The Zero To SEO Hero course and The Apprenticeship Program have been updated with new, better voiceovers. 

The SBB Program and SEO Audit Masterlist (SAM) will receive the same treatment in May 2024.

More Organized Curriculum

course outline

We've updated our curriculum to make it more organized. There are now 5 major courses in our platform:

  • Zero To SEO Hero
  • SEO Business Breakthrough Program
  • SEO Audit Masterlist
  • WordPress Portfolio Website Creation (Tentative Name)
  • Apprenticeship Program

As a quick summary:

  • Update: Revamped videos

We reshoot some videos, updated some with new information, and even completely replaced some videos to keep up with the times!

  • Old: SBB Program is all about building a portfolio website.
  • New: Focus on SEO opportunities beyond becoming a 9-to-5 SEO Specialist.

We felt that the SBB Program has not realized it's full potential yet. This year, we plan to change that by releasing guides or case studies on how to find more clients using LinkedIn or Fiverr and how to leverage your new SEO skills to take your career beyond being a full-time employee.

  • Old: SEO Audit Masterlist as a standalone course.
  • New: Integrated into the Zero To SEO Hero Course as part of the SEO Audit Module.

Having an SEO Audit module in the Zero To SEO Hero Course and having a standalone SEO Audit course seems redundant, so we just integrated SAM in the the Z2H course.

  • Old: WordPress Website Creation is Module 7 of the Zero To SEO Hero Course 
  • New: WordPress Website Creation is now a standalone course

We want our Zero To SEO Hero Course to be a course about just SEO, and building a portfolio website ain't that. So we put it on it's own standalone course!

Don't worry, this new course is unlocked at ALL access levels - Basic, Complete, and Ultimate.

Verified SEO Specialists Directory

  • Update: We're moving the directory back to our main site. It's now going to be a resume repository for potential employers.

We're converting the Verified SEO Specialist Directory into a resume repository that potential employers or clients can browse. We're also moving it back to our main site (www.seotraining.ph) instead of it's subdomain.

Blog Posts

It's been a while since I've published a blog post on the website. Here's a sneak peek of topics we plan to cover:

conten sneak peek

As of writing, we have 46 topics in the pipeline. These are FREE content, so stay tuned!

Excited? Enroll Now!

With a one-time fee of Php5,850 (10% discount until March 22 only!), you can get lifetime access to all of our courses. Yes, that includes ALL future updates.

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Yeshua Quijano

Yesh is the founder and co-owner of SEO Training Philippines. He is an award-winning Digital Marketing Consultant with almost a decade of experience in building, growing, and selling digital businesses.