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How to Start SEO Work from Home: 6 Tips for Beginners

By Yeshua Quijano | Last Updated April 11, 2023

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how to start seo work from home

While everyone can argue about the best and most promising freelancing venture, it's no secret that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most promising industries in the digital space today. The demand for the knowledge, skill, and precision to rank websites at the top of search engines is high that businesses will pay a premium to get an SEO expert on board.

This very fact is also one of the main reasons why many people want to join the freelance SEO specialist life. The career is fulfilling, and the financial side of it is looking attractive too.

But how does one begin an SEO work-from-home career? 

Here are six tips to help you begin your freelancing journey into the world of search engines.

1. Get the basics covered.

Before charging into the world of SEO freelancing, make sure you have the basics covered. That is, you know how to conduct keyword research, create winning content, and develop a sound link building strategy, to name a few.

Here are some of the free courses and resources available online to brush up on the basics of SEO. Some of these courses offer SEO certifications too:

2. Have the right equipment to handle your workload.

Your choice of laptop or desktop for your SEO freelancing depends on the work you're planning to do. But as a general rule, go for one that can handle multiple browser tabs and applications.

A reliable and fast internet connection is also a freelancing must-have. Shop around for the best internet plans from various providers and see which one provides the most reliable connection in your area. Make sure to invest in two internet plans from different providers for backup. Because you know, Philippine internet.

Check out this list of must-have gadgets for SEO specialists to find out which equipment you can invest in for a more productive freelancing journey.

3. Experience how different freelancing platforms work.

Once you've got the skills and equipment covered, it's time to find clients in dire need of your SEO specialist services!

For starters, it's a good idea to get a good feel of all the popular freelancing platforms by registering and applying on a few job listings. Take note of a few things like the application process  and transaction fees. After which, focus on one or two platforms that you feel most comfortable working in. 

Here are the best platforms to post your SEO services and find the perfect client for you. Job listings on these platforms are 99% remote work:

online jobs ph logo

Online Jobs Philippines

One of the premier freelancing platforms in the Philippines, OLJ is a goldmine for SEO freelancing opportunities. The platform is quite competitive, so you have to really take time and create an attractive profile and portfolio, and a convincing pitch. Visit OLJ.

upwork logo


The top freelancing platform today, Upwork has all sorts of projects for a starting SEO specialist like you. Visit Upwork.

freelancer logo


For those who can't find success in Upwork, their second choice of platform is Freelancer.com. The freelancing site also holds competitions and contests for freelancers to showcase their talent. Visit Freelancer.

guru logo


Also works like Upwork, only this one is less saturated than the former. Still, the site has promising projects and clients waiting for you. Visit Guru.

freeup logo


You'll have to pass the interview with the site's founders first before accessing the platform. Their recruitment process is a little strict, but once you get in, you'll get access to job posts from companies all over the world. Visit FreeUp.

facebook icon


Facebook groups, in particular, are the best places to find a client for your SEO services or a full-time job as a specialist.

linkedin icon


Plenty of companies and recruitment agencies are on this social media platform to scout and hire the best candidates for their pool of talents. Once you optimize your LinkedIn profile, you'll find work invitations flooding in your inbox in no time.

fiverr logo


You'll need to create a post on this platform to attract clients. Unlike other platforms, Fiverr is more suitable for small, low-cost, and productized projects. Visit Fiverr.

4. Manage your time.

With a smart time management system, you can handle all duties imposed by your role and deliver quality output at the expected turnaround. You can also balance your time doing your billable and non-billable tasks (such as invoicing and emailing), making your work hours more productive.

To manage your time efficiently, here are some tips for you:

Create blocks of uninterrupted work time. 

For example, dedicate yourself to focus on keyword research for an hour and a half. Once the time's up, you can take a fifteen-minute break to refresh your mind, then go back or accomplish a new task for another hour. This technique's called the Pomodoro technique.

Block out any phone and unrelated website use. 

Mute all calls and notifications, especially during your productive hours. Check your phone if it has a Zen or Do Not Disturb mode. If the option is not present, there are third-party apps you can install like Forest.

forest app

You can also install extensions on your browser like StayFocusd. These extensions block websites irrelevant to your work during certain times. 


Use a time tracker.

A time tracker will help you monitor how many hours you're taking to accomplish a task. Not only will it keep you focused on the task at hand, but it also helps track your billable hours. I’m not fond of time trackers because it feels like a digital prison with the screenshots at keyboard activity trackers, but I’m sure this is just a personal issue.

I have had good experience using TimeDoctor.

5. Create a conducive work atmosphere.

Even if an office setup is not required, it's ideal to have a work atmosphere where you can focus on your tasks during work hours. Work-life balance is essential, now more than ever, especially with almost everyone mandated to stay at home for safety.

work from home set up for my SEO work

My work from home set up. Wires are still messy and mic is still unhooked.

For WFH starters, a simple laptop desk in the corner of your bedroom, an ergonomic chair, and a noise-canceling headphone is enough to get you in the groove.

Don't forget the work playlist to drown out the distractions in the background. Just keep it on a down low if you're expecting a sweet, secret package from Lazada or Shopee.

6. Don't forget to set aside time for learning.

SEO is ever-changing, so it pays to keep yourself updated all the time. To master the industry, treat it like you're getting into a new hobby or learning how to drive. Dedicate thirty minutes or one hour every day, and you'll gain confidence and expertise to become an SEO expert in no time.

SEO Training Philippine's comprehensive self-paced course is designed for Filipino freelancers like you who want to learn SEO and put your knowledge to practice in the least time possible.

seo training

You'll learn the theoretical of SEO and have the opportunity to put your learnings to test with quizzes, assignments, and practical activities.

You'll also have lifetime access to the course, so if you need a refresher on a certain topic, you can revisit the modules anytime!

How To Start SEO Work From Home: 5 Tips For Beginners

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