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introducing rewards system badges

Out of over 100 students in our SEO course, only 40% have finished watching the videos, passed the final assessment and got their Certificate of Completion. 

While I believe that 40% is a normal finish rate for online courses, SEO Training Philippines is not like any other online course that’ll take it easy once they got your hard-earned money.

We want to encourage students to *actually* finish our course so they get their money’s worth!

That said, we’re introducing gamification to our course. 

According to Oxford Dictionary, gamification is...

“the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity…to encourage engagement with a product or service.”

Oxford Dictionary

We’re hoping that adding game elements to our course will encourage students to finish it, so we're introducing Achievements.


Achievements is a program that we’re introducing to the course. Complete certain tasks and you’ll get achievements in the form of Badges and Coins.

You can use your earned Coins in the shop for unlockable courses and other prizes.

What are Badges?

Badges are achievements you earn for completing various lessons or tasks as you take our courses.

For example, you’ll earn the “Scholar” badge when you watch the lessons for several consecutive days.

Scholar badge

The Scholar Badge

How many badges are there?

Currently there are 20 collectible badges.

You can see all available badges and how you can earn each one in the User Achievement page:

user achievement snippet

You can find the User Achievement page by going to your Account page and clicking the Badges & Coins button:

check your badges and coins

What do I get from earning Badges?

Aside from helping you go through the lesson (and bragging rights of having collected them all), each badge your earn awards you “Coins”.

Z2H Coin

Our in-course currency. And no, it's not crypto.

Coins are STPH’s virtual currency which you can trade for unlockable courses and materials that you can use to improve your freelancing career! 

Just be clear, this is not crypto.

For example, the “Single Step” badge for the Basic course gives you 1,000 coins.

single step basic coins
The User Achievement page, lists all available Badges with their corresponding coin reward and earning requirement.

You can view how much coins you’ve earned in the User Achievement page: 

earned coins

Exchange coins for unlockable content

Earn enough coins and exchange them for unlockables. 

Currently we have 2 unlockable content:

  1. 30-minute, 1-on-1 learning session - worth 20,000 coins 
  2. SEO Audit Module - SAM is now unlockable with 25,000 coins.
You can purchase certain products in our shop with Coins.

By 2023, we'll have a few more unlockable content too, so stay tuned!

Can you unlock all unlockable materials with your earned points? 

No. The coins you earn just a  “side quest” to your main SEO journey, so we treat these unlockables as simple bonuses we get along the way. That said, choose your unlockable material wisely! 

Start Collecting Badges and Earning Coins!

With this update, we hope you'll get more fun out of taking our SEO course. The *technically* free materials you can purchase through Coins should certainly motivate you as well!

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